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Here an interesting study by two well known researchers;

“In the study of aggression, psychopathy represents a disorder that is of particular interest because it often involves aggression which is premeditated, emotionless, and instrumental in nature; this is especially true for more serious types of offenses. Such instrumental aggression is aimed at achieving a goal (e.g., to obtain resources such as money, or to gain status). Unlike the primarily reactive aggression observed in other disorders, psychopaths appear to engage in aggressive acts for the purpose of benefiting themselves. This is especially interesting in light of arguments that psychopathy may represent an alternative life-history strategy that is evolutionarily adaptive; behaviors such as aggression, risk-taking, manipulation, and promiscuous sexual behavior observed in psychopathy may be means by which psychopaths gain advantage over others. Recent neurobiological research supports the idea that abnormalities in brain regions key to emotion and morality may allow psychopaths to pursue such a strategy—psychopaths may not experience the social emotions such as empathy, guilt, and remorse that typically discourage instrumentally aggressive acts, and may even experience pleasure when committing these acts. Findings from brain imaging studies of psychopaths may have important implications for the law.”

Psychopathy and instrumental aggression: Evolutionary, neurobiological, and legal perspectives.
By; Andrea L. Glenn and Adrian Raine. International Journal of Law and Psychiatry Here

Also of interest;

Aggression, psychopathy and brain imaging — Review and future recommendations  Here


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It is well known that psychopaths aggressively pursue their “wants and needs”.  This is why the psychopath places the object of his/her desire on a pedestal (to trick them into a relationship) and will “bully “/psychologically harass individuals at work, relentlessly (to make sure they kill them, spiritually, physically or both).  Stalking is another “ingredient” the psychopath use to exert his/her “power” over others.   If you have been in a relationship or been a “victim of bullying” rest assured that the psychopath will, most of the time, as long as he/she desires, continue to stalk you, even years after you have left the relationship or your place of employment.   

Please realize that these individuals are mentally disordered and actually enjoy playing “vicious games” with others.  Here one of the latest studies; Bullies may enjoy seeing others in pain: Brain scans show disruption in natural empathetic response Here  (“may” is an understatement, they live for it!)  One reason is because the psychopath has a totally different view of other people, others are there for their “enjoyment” to be used and abused in any way it “pleases” him/her (the psychopath). 

This way of warped thinking stems from, among other things, structural damage as well as chemical imbalances concerning the psychopath’s brain.  This pathological liar will for. ex, keep on lying no matter what; Habitual Liar Brains Look Different On Scans Here and here some more studies of interest;
Structural brain abnormalities in psychopaths-a review. Here

The VNTR 2 repeat in MAOA and delinquent behavior in adolescence and young adulthood: associations and MAOA promoter activity

Qualitative and quantitative EEG abnormalities in violent offenders with antisocial personality disorder Here  

Hearts & Minds. The Boston Globe
“Since Plato, scholars have drawn a clear distinction between thinking and feeling.  Now science suggests that our emotions are what make thought possible.” Here 

Distinctive Brains of Psychopaths

The neural correlates of moral decision-making in psychopathy Here

Wherever the psychopath shows up, the “pattern” repeats itself time and time again and the “trail of destruction” this type of individual leaves behind becomes, longer and longer.  This is why it is of upmost importance that as many people as possible learn as much as they can about these disordered individuals in order to protect themselves as well as others.  This is also why we must be able to identify the individual as soon as possible to reduce the harm they do.   Detecting psychopathy from thin slices of behavior  Here  and  “How to spot a psychopath” : Lay theories of psychopathy. Here

More of interest, as we find these individuals everywhere!

Beware the (Political) Psychopath, My Son Here

 A Longitudinal Study of Arrested Batterers, 1995-2005 “The research suggests that short-term cessation of domestic violence achieved after a variety of interventions may not indicate longer-term behavior change.” Here

Amygdala Hypoactivity to Fearful Faces in Boys With Conduct Problems and Callous-Unemotional Traits. Here

Psychological distress, major depressive disorder, and risk of stroke. Here

Bullying in the family Here  and  Parenting the At Risk Child Here

Finally, stress can do a lot of damage, so take very good care of yourself if you have been/is targeted.  Learn as much as you can about these disordered individuals in order to protect yourself and remember, never, ever, blame yourself.  (A 30-45 min. walk/day, will greatly releave stress and “clear” your head.)

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Ever wondered why some, or most people become happy when they drink while a few become really mean and nasty.  Well, those mean and nasty drunks that become verbally and even physically abusive may just have an Antisocial Personality Disorder such as psychopathy/sociopathy.  Below an older article of interest on the subject and below that a more recent Finnish study.
(Please note: Talking about a pattern here, the same behavior repeating itself time and time again.)

Antisocial Personality Disorder, Alcohol, and Aggression  Here

Faulty gene causes some people to become aggressive drunks (Dec. 2008)  Here 

Psychopathy and the Hippocampus (2001) Here

More on MAOA in my next post.

Thanks to Pathwhisperer Here  you may now access most of Kathy Krajco’s pages on narcissism which disappeared a few months after her passing.  Lots of information! To start click Here   but you can also access;  Here   A  link to Kathy’s blog and her very last post, Here  again, lots of information which will make healing easier and faster if you have been targeted.  Remember, never ever blame yourself, it is not your fault!

Kathy is and will continue to be missed by many; a life cut way to short.

Finally, please learn more about  “Chemtrails” on my other site Here

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The psychopath, male or female is well known to have no morals.  However, he/she will claim high morals and will make sure everyone around knows it too.  On top of that, the psychopath is very quick to accuse someone else of being immoral.  (This is actually a very good way to “spot a psychopath” so, be very suspicious of people who accuse others of having no morals and/or claim to have high morals.  Keep in mind; the psychopath will always project his/her perverse/immoral behavior onto others)

In a recent neuroimaging study, Glenn, Raine and Schug found that “psychopathic individuals show reduced activity in the amygdala during emotional moral decision-making, with particularly conning and manipulative individuals showing reduced activity in the entire moral neural circuit.”  The neural correlates of moral decision-making in psychopathy Here   Supplementary Material; Here

Next, the question that Walter Glannon asked was, can psychopaths be morally responsible for their behavior?  According to him, ” The cognitive and affective impairment of the psychopath justifies mitigated responsibility, but not excuse.”  Moral Responsibility and the Psychopath Here

As anyone who has had any type of interaction with a psychopath, through work, a relationship or for.ex., a family member, knows that a psychopath knows right from wrong, he/she just does not care.  It is all about satisfying his/her “wants and needs” whatever they may be, no matter the “cost” and that makes the psychopath a very dangerous individual.   The psychopath´s reckless and immoral behavior is also what, sooner or later, exposes him/her to others.

Other studies of interestPsychopathy as a disorder of the moral brain: Fronto-temporo-limbic grey matter reductions demonstrated by voxel-based morphometry. Here ,  Morality askew in psychopaths Here  , Neuroticism and psychopathy predict brain activation during moral and nonmoral emotion regulation Here  and Neural foundations to moral reasoning and antisocial behavior. (2006) Here

Essay; Morality and psychopathy Here 
On empathy; The empathic brain and its dysfunction in psychiatric populations: implications for intervention across different clinical conditions. Here

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Dr. George Simon, the author of In Sheep’s Clothing (which I  highly recommend) has a new post of interest dealing with, ‘The Possessive Thinking of the Disturbed Character’  Here This will give you an insight into how individuals with a personality disorder such as psychopathy thinks about others.

At the risk of repeating myself;

“The main lesson I have learnt is that when dealing with a sociopath, the normal rules of etiquette do not apply. You are dealing with someone who has no empathy, no conscience, no remorse, and no guilt…It is a completely different mindset. Words like ‘predator’ and ‘evil’ are often used.”
Tim Field

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