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Individuals with damage to the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex (DLPFC) have problems with such things as planning, shifting attention, response perseveration and decision-making. Finnish researcher Laakso and his team also found that alcoholics with antisocial personalities had reduced gray matter volume in the left DLPFC and the right OFC when compared with controls.  Here

fMRI studies from 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2005 have also shown abnormal functioning in that same area (DLPFC) in individuals with APD, Borderline and Psychopathy (Cluster B)
Schneider (2000) Here    Dolan ( 2002)  Here    Völlm (2004) Here  and  Pridmore (2005) Here

A more recent study of interest (October, 2009) asks; Do psychopathic patients use their DLPFC when making decisions in moral dilemmas?    Here Makes for some very interesting reading.

Here some other research of interst on the subject;

Adapting to dynamic stimulus-response values: differential contributions of inferior frontal, dorsomedial, and dorsolateral regions of prefrontal cortex to decision making. (Sept. 2009) Here

Brain Abnormalities in Antisocial Individuals: Implications for the Law (Yang et al., 2008)  Here




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” This is what they did — these climate “scientists” on whose unsupported word the world’s classe politique proposes to set up an unelected global government this December in Copenhagen, with vast and unprecedented powers to control all formerly free markets, to tax wealthy nations and all of their financial transactions, to regulate the economic and environmental affairs of all nations, and to confiscate and extinguish all patent and intellectual property rights.”   Viscount Monckton on Climategate: ‘They Are Criminals’ (PJM Exclusive)  Here

More of interest;

Inhofe to call for hearing into CRU, U.N. climate change research (11/23/09) Here 
The Corbett Report Here and the ones who apparently broke the story first What Really Happened Here  
Global Warming Meltdown: Climategate!   Here

Once again; Habitual Liar Brains Look Different On Scans Here   Anything to hurt and or kill others in order to promote themselves, money, “status” etc. 

Beware of the “vaccines” as well! VIDEO: Swine Flu Vaccines. Facts and Myths Here

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“Imagine – if you can – not having a conscience, none at all, no feelings of guilt or remorse no matter what you do, no limiting sense of concern for the well-being of strangers, friends, or even family members. Imagine no struggles with shame, not a single one in your whole life, no matter what kind of selfish, lazy, harmful, or immoral action you had taken.”

“And pretend that the concept of responsibility is unknown to you, except as a burden others seem to accept without question, like gullible fools.”

“Now add to this strange fantasy the ability to conceal from other people that your psychological makeup is radically different from theirs. Since everyone simply assumes that conscience is universal among human beings, hiding the fact that you are conscience-free is nearly effortless.”

“You are not held back from any of your desires by guilt or shame, and you are never confronted by others for your cold-bloodedness. The ice water in your veins is so bizarre, so completely outside of their personal experience, that they seldom even guess at your condition.”

“In other words, you are completely free of internal restraints, and your unhampered liberty to do just as you please, with no pangs of conscience, is conveniently invisible to the world.”

“You can do anything at all, and still your strange advantage over the majority of people, who are kept in line by their consciences will most likely remain undiscovered.”

Yet another person who has discovered what’s hiding behind the “mask” of appearing to be normal, more here;  http://www.theinfovault.net/vault/politics/psychopath.html

About the untested “vaccine”; “Where the hell it got all these genes from we don’t know,” says Robert Webster, a flu virologist at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.” More here;  http://www.nature.com/news/2009/090429/full/4581082a.html

Polands Healthminister, who’s a doctor with 20 years of experience, talks about the “vaccine”;
RE: Polish Health Ministry on swine flu jabs issues A/H1N1

Swedish boy, aged 4, close to death from “swine flu” vaccine (Nov. 9, 2009) http://www.theflucase.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1711:swedish-boy-aged-4-close-to-death-from-qswine-fluq-vaccine&catid=41:highlighted-news&Itemid=105〈=en

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