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Corporate Psychopaths (05/05/2005) a 12 min.+ video that is just as relevant today as it was back in 2005. (Choose Windows media or Real Player, above picture)  Click Here

More of interest;

The serial bully

Communication with Corporate Psychopaths 

“Some psychopaths occupy a prison cell. Others occupy a corner office. Both are dangerous.”  

Book: Snakes In Suits: When Psychopaths Go To Work  

Book Review: Snakes in Suits – when psychopaths go to work (one of many)   Here


Psychopaths & sycophants   Here
A mnemonic that can be used to remember the criteria for antisocial personality disorder, ordinarily considered to be the umbrella term that includes psychopaths, is “CORRUPT”
“C – cannot follow law
 O – obligations ignored
 R – remorselessness
 R – recklessness
 U – underhandedness
 P – planning deficit and
 T – temper.”


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Found the following article last year, “Psychopaths are distracted, not cold-blooded” Here  and at the bottom of the page,  this quote; “This shows that there’s some humanity there. It challenges the belief that they are robots”  Well, why not take a look at the following video, then you decide.

Equinox-Psychopath (Video) Here

The above video was also posted by Predator Awareness several years ago, for more insight and help visit Predator Awareness: Life Preserving Cues Here

Two studies of interest  concerning “bullying”, premeditated psychological harrassment with the intent to damage and/or kill (murder by suicide).

Observing bullying at school: The mental health implications of witness status. By; Rivers, I., Poteat, V., Noret, N., & Ashurst, N.. School Psychology Quarterly. Vol 24(4), Dec 2009, 211-223. Here     Related article; Witnessing school bullying carries its own psychological risks (18 January 2010) Here

Research Article: When the Boss Feels Inadequate – Power, Incompetence, and Aggression. By; Nathanael J. Fast and Serena Chen.  Here   and related article,  Role of Incompetence of Aggressive Bully Bosses Confirmed   Here

“Murder by suicide.” Some insight as it affects individuals who are targeted by a “bully”, young and old as well as those who, for.ex., are in a relationship with a psychopath;
“Some sociopaths are so cunning, so manipulative and so vicious, that it’s possible the husband was orchestrating a grand scheme for this woman to take her own life. Dr. Leedom calls it “murder by suicide.” Here

Bullying weather at school, in the workplace, in a relationship or in some other context,  is a very serious matter!

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January is National Stalking Awareness Month in the U.S.  For more info. se;   Here   Most people who have been targeted by a psychopath have also been stalked.  Those targeted at the workplace, been “bullied” /psychologically harassed and smeard, knows that the psychopath will recruit other psychopaths to stalk and harass the “victim”, even for years. People who have had a relationship with such an individual is also more than well aware of what “stalking” is all about,   Cyberstalking, another type of stalking which is done online and thus should also should be mentioned.   Stalking is all about power and control over someone else, major trait of the psychopath  Below some links that may be of help if you are targeted;

The Smear Campaign of the Abuser Here

Be Alert To Common Traits of Stalkers  Here

Stalking Behaviors, Definitions, Resources, and Links  Here

Mobbing USA  Here

Stalking  Here

More links and research, evah.org (scroll past the Swedish text to “links in English” and “Research” toward end of page)   Here

An article of interest;
Internet Harassment – Fight Back With A Reverse Email Search (Jan. 2, 2009)  Here

Finally, also see blogroll on right, the more you know about these disturbed individuals the better you can protect yourself.

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Psychopaths don’t care

Hot off the press some new research for a new year;
Psychopaths know right from wrong but don’t care.  By; Cima M, Tonnaer F, Hauser MD. Soc Cogn Affect Neurosci. 2010 Jan 6. (Epub ahead of print)
“Adult psychopaths have deficits in emotional processing and inhibitory control, engage in morally inappropriate behavior, and generally fail to distinguish moral from conventional violations. These observations, together with a dominant tradition in the discipline which sees emotional processes as causally necessary for moral judgment, have led to the conclusion that psychopaths lack an understanding of moral rights and wrongs. We test an alternative explanation: psychopaths have normal understanding of right and wrong, but abnormal regulation of morally appropriate behavior. We presented psychopaths with moral dilemmas, contrasting their judgments with age- and sex-matched (i) healthy subjects and (ii) non-psychopathic, delinquents. Subjects in each group judged cases of personal harms (i.e. requiring physical contact) as less permissible than impersonal harms, even though both types of harms led to utilitarian gains. Importantly, however, psychopaths’ pattern of judgments on different dilemmas was the same as those of the other subjects. These results force a rejection of the strong hypothesis that emotional processes are causally necessary for judgments of moral dilemmas, suggesting instead that psychopaths understand the distinction between right and wrong, but do not care about such knowledge, or the consequences that ensue from their morally inappropriate behavior.”  Here

Anyone who has had anything to do with a psychopath knows this to be true, they are all just out to further themselves in one way or another.  They lie, manipulate and even kill to “reach their goal” which without a conscience and empathy is made easy.   Power and control over others is what drives them which is why we often find these parasites in top positions, in all areas.   From manipulating people into taking untested and toxic “vaccines”,  The ‘false’ pandemic: Drug firms cashed in on scare over swine flu, claims Euro health chief (January 11, 2010)  Here  making people eat herbicides/GMOs, which by the way looks to be going “organic” ,  Here , and  Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation Here  to, just about, forcing them to go thru dangerous  full-body scanners, Full-body scanners used on air passengers may damage human DNA (January 11, 2010) Here,  to “protect” them from “terrorists”, no problem as long as they “gain” something from it, economically as well as taking pleasure in hurting/damaging and even killing others, Bullies may enjoy seeing others in pain: Brain scans show disruption in natural empathetic response Here (“may” is an understatement)   By now more and more people should be aware of who the real “terrorists” are, namely,  psychopaths in power positions.

The psychopath has no concern for anyone (not even his/her own children) except for him/herself.  Ready to do whatever it takes, regardless of if they get caught or not, make these individuals very dangerous to others.   Thus, you do best in, learning as much as you can as fast as you can in order to protect yourself, your loved ones and your fellow human beings.   When enough people are aware of these “predators”, we can put an end to the abuse.   Informing/educating others is thus a good start.


Neural foundations to moral reasoning and antisocial behavior (2006) Here

Psychopathy as a disorder of the moral brain: Fronto-temporo-limbic grey matter reductions demonstrated by voxel-based morphometry. (Neuroimage. 2008)  Here

The neural correlates of moral decision-making in psychopathy. By; A L Glenn , A Raine & R A Schug. Molecular Psychiatry 14, 5–6 (1 January 2009) Here

Friday Dysfunctional Roundup: Psychopath brain and crime — mitigating or aggravating? (Dec. 2009) Here

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Predators among us

The fact that we have individuals among us who have no conscience and no empathy is all too apparent.   They are predators who without any guilt or remorse ruthlessly prey on others to further themselves/their agenda,  in one way or another.   The more you learn about these disordered  individuals, the better you can protect yourself, your near and dear as well as others.   Below some articles of interest;

The world has only one problem – Psychopaths
“Once awareness of the predator in our midst becomes widespread, the game is over. The psychopaths in power know this. Their shock tactics grow bolder in their urgency to complete the agenda.”
“For now, history is on our side. Each time pathocracy coalesces, it only has one place to go: down. Wishful thinking, the Achilles heel of the Global Pathocracy, suggests it will meet a similar fate. What remains to be seen is how long we will dance with the devil until we remember that our suffering ends when we turn to face Truth.” Truth to Power: Psychopaths Rule Our World, more Here

Some thoughts; The world’s problemHere

An older article but still of interest; What “Psychopath” Means  Here

The movie, The Corporation from 2004 is now also available on You Tube, all 23 chapters Here

Predators, better known as psychopaths/sociopaths are driven by their “need” to have power and control over others.   To gain control they lie, cheat, steal and even kill if they have to which makes them dangerous to others.   That is why it is of great importance to expose these individuals for what they are, sooner rather than later.

Some more of interest,  “You may think predators lie for no reason. In that you would be wrong. A lie plus a lead to belief equals control.” Here

Psychopathy is a neurobiologicaldisorder and with each day/year that passes we get a deeper understanding of this complex disorder.  These individuals are pathological liars and should never be trusted, they lie as easily as they breathe.  To learn more; Prefrontal white matter in pathological liars (2005) Here   You do also well in learning some of the “red flags” and trust your “gut feeling”, if something feels wrong, it probably is.

How to spot a psychopath Here

What Is a Psychopath? Here

Generic Corporate Psychopath Traits Enumeration Here

Last but not least; Aftermath – Surviving Psychopathy  Here

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Psychopathy is a complex disorder but great advances have been made in recent years.  Below a recent study of  interest which will give some more insight; 

“We provide an overview of the neurobiological underpinnings of psychopathy. Cognitive and affective–emotional processing deficits are associated with abnormal brain structure and function, particularly the amygdala and orbitofrontal cortex. There is limited evidence of lower cortisol levels being associated with psychopathic personality. Initial developmental research is beginning to suggest that these neurobiological processes may have their origins early in life. Findings suggest that psychopathic personality may, in part, have a neurodevelopmental basis. Future longitudinal studies delineating neurobiological correlates of the analogues of interpersonal–affective and antisocial features of psychopathy in children are needed to further substantiate a neurodevelopmental hypothesis of psychopathy.”
The Neurobiology of Psychopathy: A Neurodevelopmental Perspective. By; Yu Gao, PhD, Andrea L Glenn, MA (PhD Candidate), Robert A Schug, PhD.,Yaling Yang, PhD. and Adrian Raine, D Phil. Can J Psychiatry. 2009;54(12):813–823. Here

Another recent studie of interest is one made by Dr. Hare and Dr. Craig S Neumann;

“Psychopathy is commonly viewed as a personality disorder defined by a cluster of interpersonal, affective, lifestyle, and antisocial traits and behaviours, including grandiosity, egocentricity, deceptiveness, shallow emotions, lack of empathy or remorse, irresponsibility, impulsivity, and a tendency to violate social norms. In our article, we outline standard methods for the assessment of psychopathy, its association with antisocial personality disorder (ASPD), and its implications for clinical and forensic issues, including crime and violence, risk assessment, and treatment options.”
Psychopathy: Assessment and Forensic Implications. By; Robert D Hare, PhD. and Craig S Neumann, PhD. Can J Psychiatry. 2009;54(12):791–802.  Here

Concerning recent advances;

“”The study of psychopathy is a rapidly growing area of psychiatry and psychology. The articles in this In Review provide insight into 3 critical domains of psychopathy research. Taken together, they illustrate the substantial progress made in understanding psychopathy and the mechanisms that underlie it. In addition, each identifies limitations of current knowledge and suggests important directions for future studies.”
Recent Advances in Psychopathy Research. By; David S Kosson, PhD. Can J Psychiatry. 2009;54(12):787–790.  Here

Last but not least;

Corporate Psychopathy (December 15, 2009) VIDEO    Here

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