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If you have been targeted by a psychopath, knowledge is the “key” to healing.   Never, ever blame yourself and remember you are not alone!   Below, some research, articles and posts of interest;  

Brain Scans Show Abnormalities In Psychopaths. Raine (2004)  Here 
Related article;  USC Study Finds Faulty Wiring In Psychopaths   Here

Liars’ Brains Wired Differently.  Raine and Yang (2005)   Here

“…We Hadn’t Gathered Them From Aliens…”   (2006)   Here

Brain potentials implicate temporal lobe abnormalities in criminal psychopaths. Kiehl, Bates, Laurens, Hare & Liddle   (2006)   Here

Structural brain abnormalities in psychopaths – a review.   Weber, Habel, Amunts and Schneider (2008)   Here

Brain difference in psychopaths identified.  Murphy, Craig and Catani (August 2009)   Here  
Related article; Psychopaths are born not bred, according to a new study (August 2009)   Here  
Related – blog; Psychopaths: Some Metaphysics, Some Politics   Here

When dealing with an individual who lacks a conscience and who has no empathy,  you should learn as much as you can as fast as you can in order to protect yourself, your near and dear as well as your fellow human beings.


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A very interesting speech by neuroscientist Vilayanur Ramachandran;

Related, concerning psychopaths and empathy;

Psychopathy and instrumental aggression: Evolutionary, neurobiological, and legal perspectives (A. Glenn and A. Raine, 2009) Here

Aggression, psychopathy and brain imaging — Review and future recommendations (Wahlund K, Kristiansson M. 2009) Here

The Mad, the Bad, and the Psychopath  (HL Maibom 2008)  Here

Emotional deficits in psychopathy and sexual sadism: implications for violent and sadistic behavior (Kirsch LG, Becker JV. 2007)  Here

PSYCHOPATHS AMONG US  By; Robert Hercz   Here

Empathy  Here

Without Empathy (2006)   Here

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A short post but which will give some more insigt into the disorder.  Although the research is from 2004 and a lot has happened since, it still makes for some interesting reading;

Out of Order (02/17/04)  Here

Another write-up;  Brain Scans Show Abnormalities In Psychopaths  Here

Hippocampal structural asymmetry in unsuccessful psychopaths. By; Adrian Raine et al. Biological Psychiatry, Volume 55, Issue 2, Pages 185-191 (January 2004)  Here

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Concerning the psychopath it is all about power over and controlling others.  So, the more you know about these disordered individuals, the better you can protect yourself and the faster you can heal if, you’ve been targeted.  Below a link to Aftermath Surviving Psychopathy and  three articles of interest; A Primer on Psychopathy By; David S. Kosson and Robert D. Hare ;  What “Psychopath” Means: It is not quite what you may think By; Scott O. Lilienfeld, Ph.D.and Hal Arkowitz, Ph.D. and This Charming Psychopath: How to Spot Social Predators Before They Attack  By; Robert D. Hare, Ph.D.  To access them Click Here 

In order to stay in control, the psychopath will make you think you’ve gone crasy/make you question your own sanity. Victims of psychopaths recently did a post on the subject, better known as “Gaslighting” , Gas lighting: Messin’ with your mind  Here  as did Sanctuary for the abused, see;  Sunday, January 24, 2010  Here    It is all about power and control!

Also learn about, Projection – the psychopath smearing his/her inadequacies, thoughts and behaviours onto others, Tim Field whose wonderful site is still up and running thanks to his family, on the subject;   Here

The more you know, the better you can protect yourself, your near and dear as well as others.   Psychopathy is a neurobiological disorder for which there is, thus far, no cure.   (please see some of the earlier posts)  Last but not least, sticking to the “No Contact” rule is also of essence in order to heal.

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