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“They learn at a young age that they are different from the rest of us, and they quickly learn to construct a mask of normality that allows them to blend in. This mask can be so effective as to fool professionals trained in psychology. They can murder, torture, and rape with as much emotional concern as we carve a turkey or change a tire. In fact, some psychopaths are quite capable of fooling lie detector tests, as they do not have the same physiological reactions that normal humans do (Hare 1993: 1).”

“Later Russell worked out several scenarios for handling his problems with his wife and wrote them down on a piece of paper: ‘Do nothing’; ‘File for Paternity/Conciliation Court’; ‘Take girls w/o Killing’; ‘Take girls Killing 4′; ‘Kill Girls and Justin.’ His probation officer commentated that the list revealed, ‘the mind of a man who could contemplate killing his own children with the detachment of someone considering various auto-insurance policies. It is the laundry list of a man without a soul. (Hare, 1993:55)”

“Every normal human being has a conscience, a part of their mind which allows them to quickly determine ‘right’ from ‘wrong’. Typically this has to deal with our ability comprehend the results of our actions and how they affect other people, in the psychopath this higher function is completely absent. In its place is a malignant narcissism, a device that allows the individual to formulate quickly, coldly, and with complete emotional detachment (Hare, 1993:53)”

“The psychopath views all others as objects, to be used, discarded, or destroyed as he sees fit. He cannot understand guilt, sadness, remorse, love, or true joy because he does not possess them. He can mimic them in order to elicit a desired response, but he does not truly possess them as normal human beings do.”

“Criminal psychopaths frequently end up in jail, have higher recidivism rates, and demonstrate a vast versatility in their crimes (Hemphill et al, 1998: 139). Much more interesting, and often causing far more damage, are the non-criminal or white-collar psychopaths. Robert Hare provides many examples in Without Conscience and Snakes in Suits. They range from lawyers, to businessmen, doctors, psychiatrists, even clergymen – any position of power which can be used to further allow the psychopath to appear credible and trustworthy. The only apparent difference between these psychopaths and criminals is their ability to maintain a more effective mask of normality (Hare, 1999:109).”

Above excerpts taken from following article; The Psychopath: A New Subspecies of Homo Sapien   Here   and/or  Here

More articles of interest;

Bad to the bone; altered connections in the brains of psychopaths ( Feb.2010)   Here

Can Genes And Brain Abnormalities Create Killers? (July 6, 2010)  Listen to Barbara Bradley Hagerty, Stephen Morse, Joshua Greene and Kent Kiehl   Here

“Dictators are also perfectly happy to steal money off other players in games that involve taking rather than giving.”    ‘Ruthlessness gene’ discovered (4 April 2008)   Here

Beyond therapy: Some evil can’t be cured (2000)    Here  The article dissappeared shortly after this post was published so here is a similar write-up, Some People Can’t Be Cured (March 19, 2010)   Here   However, we do not need to be “taught” how to be “remorseless”, we need to be very aware of the fact that we have individuals with no conscience and no empathy who enjoy harming/killing others, Bullies may enjoy seeing others in pain: Brain scans show disruption in natural empathetic response (2008)  Here   (“may” is an understament)  and then we need to decide how to deal with these manipulative liars who always leave a trail of destruction in their path, something which now, has become all too apparent to people across the globe.

“The serial killer’s preoccupation with, and constant need for, thrills, is an integral part of the killer’s fantasy life, and as such is a partial drive for murder.”  Although an older article, still of interest,  Genesis of a Serial Killer: Fantasy’s integral role in the creation of a monster   Here    ( Think –  toxic “vaccines”, GMO, Chemtrails, wars, fraud etc., and . . .  Agenda 21  (Agenda 21 For Dummies   Here   ;    Henry Lamb on agenda 21    Here    and   What’s Agenda 21 and Why Do I Care? “The United Nations purposely recommends avoiding the term Agenda 21 and suggests a cleverly named alternative: “smart growth.” More   Here   Very important!)

Serial Killers and Politicians Share Traits (June 12, 2009) Here

Last but not least;  Hare Psychopathy Checklist  Here

The trick is to identify these individuals ASAP, preferably, before they irreparable harm others.


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