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To continue . . . .  , part II,  some more “highlights” from 2010 in regard to psychopathy;

Psychopathic personality traits and cortisol response to stress: The role of sex, type of stressor, and menstrual phase. (July 2010) Here

The other allele: Exploring the long allele of the serotonin transporter gene as a potential risk factor for psychopathy: A review of the parallels in findings (July 2010)   Here

Psychopathic personality traits and risky sexual behavior in college students.   Here

Antisocial personality disorder is on a continuum with psychopathy. (July-Aug. 2010)   Here

No volumetric differences in the anterior cingulate of psychopathic individuals. (Aug. 2010)   Here

Morphological Alterations in the Prefrontal Cortex and the Amygdala in Unsuccessful Psychopaths.   Here

Psychopathy, frustration, and reactive aggression: The role of ventromedial prefrontal cortex.   Here

Reactive aggression in psychopathy and the role of frustration: Susceptibility, experience, and control   Here  Also, see comments Here

Neurodevelopmental marker for limbic maldevelopment in antisocial personality disorder and psychopathy. (September 2010)   Here

Do Core Interpersonal and Affective Traits of PCL-R Psychopathy Interact With Antisocial Behavior and Disinhibition to Predict Violence? (September 2010)   Here

Understanding Psychopathy Through an Evaluation of Interpersonal Behavior: Testing the Factor Structure of the Interpersonal Measure of Psychopathy in a Large Sample of Jail Detainees. (September 2010)   Here

Unprovoked Aggression: Effects of Psychopathic Traits and Sadism. (September 2010)   Here

Facets on the psychopathy checklist screening version and instrumental violence in forensic psychiatric patients   Here

Psychopaths Are Impaired in Social Exchange and Precautionary Reasoning. (October 2010)   Here

Clarifying the Factors that Undermine Behavioral Inhibition System Functioning in Psychopathy.   Here

Guilty, free, and wise: Determinism and psychopathy diminish learning from negative emotions.    (Nov. 2010)    Here

Aberrant neural processing of moral violations in criminal psychopaths. (Nov. 2010)  Here

Increased testosterone-cortisol ratio in psychopathy. (Dec. 2010)   Here

Investigating the neural correlates of psychopathy: a critical review   Here

Assessing the basic traits associated with psychopathy: Development and validation of the elemental psychopathy assessment.    Here

Moral identity in psychopathy. (December 2010)   Here
(* Also see; Psychopaths know right from wrong but don’t care,  Jan, 2010, previous post)

Article of interest; Inside the mind of a psychopath    Here

* For more recent research (2011) please see my other site, the “English section”;    Here´

Last but not least, for those involved with/having had an interaction with, a psychopath;

Three more sites have been added;

Encounters of the Psychopathic Kind    Here   Please read read the great article,  Gaslighting at this site as well, found  Here

Psychopathy Awareness   Here     Lots of great information!

Two Legged Snakes  (blog)   Here      also get more info. about the book    Here      

And . . . . .

The book,  Women Who Love Psychopaths is now also availabe as an e-book, for more info click  Here

Dr. Simon (In Sheep’s Clothing) has released a new book; Character Disturbance:the phenomenon of our age    More info.    Here


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