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Emotional Abuse

A short but hopefully very informative and helpful post for those who are/have been targeted by a psychopath.    Like someone posted, ” These people basically plan your death.  It will start emotionally.  First they will build you up to bring you down.  They tell you your worth based on certain qualities about yourself.  Then, the minute they feel like they want power over you they will rip those compliments to shreds.”  PSYCHOPATHS AND PREMEDITATED MURDER   Here  

One by one they aggressivly pursue their victims in order to inflict damage, psychological, physical, economic and even drive  their victims to kill themselves/commit suicide and, if neccessary, kill their victim themselves or have someone else do it for them.   This is what psychopaths do, and enjoy doing because it makes them “feel good”/Allmighty.   They have no consience and they have no empathy and are thus capable to do just about anything.    Their abusive behavior does not only affect individuals on a personal level, but whole societies are affected as well as many “bully” their way to the top where they, sooner or later, cause great damage.   Luring people to “vaccinate” themselves with dangerous “vaccines” (known and unknown heath hazzards) , the planting of GMO (known and unknown heath hazzards) continous wars etc., in other words inflict damage wherever possible to satisfy their “sadistic side” and ‘hopefully’ make money doing it, it is all about power and control over others.   Of interest; Tyranny at the Hand of Psychopaths (Jan 25, 2011)  Here

Emotional abuse is very sinister because there are no tell tale signs, like bruises, for others to see.   (If a loved one is being emotionally abused you will detect changes in behavior later on)   So called “bullying”,  regardless if  it occurs at school, in the workplace, at home or anywhere else it is all about power and control over others.   To give some insight into this type of abuse, I recommend the following posts and sites;  Understanding will, if you have been targeted, let you heal, eventhough it does take time. 

When You Love Your Abuser: Stockholm Syndrome and Trauma Bonds (15 mars, 2011)   Here

Gaslighting  (August 3, 2009)   Here

Abusive Brainwashing Techniques: How abusers get what they want…   (2010)   Here

How to help yourself and get support;

Getting Over the Psychopath: Cultivating Indifference    Here

Dealing with a sociopath – Have absolutely No Contact    Here

Aftermath: Surviving Psychopathy    Here

Abuso Emocional (Spanish)    Here

Women Who Love Psychopaths – 2nd. Ed. – e-book    Here

Last but not least, You Are Not Alone!    Countless of people have been smeared and abused in countless of and unimaginable different ways and even lost their lives because of these gravely disordered individuals who seemingly undetected, walk among us (that is untill you have been targeted by one).   They start “bullying” at school and continue til the day they die.   There is, as of today, no “cure” as it involves a great deal of neurobiological damage, see ‘Reserach’   Here   Spreading information about these disordered individuals is thus of great importance!


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