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Psychopathy and Sadism

Systematically one “victim” at the time unless they are sitting on a major powerposition where they can take “delight” in manipulating, duping and destroying the lives of many.  That’s right, taking pleasure in destroying someones life – meet the psychopath, an individual filled with such unimaginable jealousy, hate and contempt for others that unless you have had a run in with such an individual it can be hard to understand or even believe that someone would actually enjoy hurting, drive someone to kill themselves (murder by suicide Here) or kill someone.

So, are psychopath’s sadists?  Short answer, yes.  Besides the fact that anyone who has had a run in with such an individual will tell you that, we now even have “picture proof” that they enjoy hurting others   Here    Dr Liane Leedom wrote an excellent post on psychopathy and sadism back in 2008, Sadism and warped empathy in sociopaths, in which she wrote in regard to psychopaths and sadism, “In fact they seem to enjoy inflicting all types pain (harm) on others.”  She further wrote, “The enjoyment of hurting another person is called sadism. Sadism usually refers to enjoying another’s physical pain. However, sociopaths enjoy inflicting all manner of pain on others including financial, emotional, psychological and social.” Dr. Leedom sums it up by saying, “sociopaths are in the business of reducing people to nothing and then taking glory in their accomplishment”. Read Dr. Leedoms post,  Here

It is all about power and control over others.  The “bully” ( in school or at work), takes for ex., power away from the “victim”/target by spreading vicious and untrue rumors behind his/her back.   Here follows an interesting post about the psychopathic boss; Traumatic Bonding with Corporate Psychopaths (Office Stockholm Syndrome)    Here  , a rerun of an earlier post (video),  Corporate Psychopaths (2005)  Here   The psychopathic partner take power away by for. ex., playing psychological mind games and/or inflict physical harm.  About harmful psychopathic relationships; When You Love Your Abuser: Stockholm Syndrome and Trauma Bonds (15 mars, 2011)   Here   In regard to psychopaths in power;  Truth to Power: Psychopaths Rule Our World   Here    Why Does the World Feel Wrong?   Here and  Alan Watt ‘Cutting Through The Matrix’   Here

“Collectively, these findings suggest that psychopaths may be more likely than other offenders to derive pleasure from the suffering of others”
Handbook of Psychopathy, p. 487

“there is an actual enjoyment of the others’ suffering”
Conceptualization of hostile psychopathy and sadism: Drive theory and object relations perspectives.   Here

“Duping delight – getting one over on the victim with tricks and lies. The enjoyment of deception, covert scheming and betrayal . This links into being in ‘Control’”   Here

Concerning psychopathy and sadism Dr. J. Reid Meloy published the following, The Psychology of Wickedness: Psychopathy and Sadism  Here  back in 1997 where he stated, “Some of the psychodynamics of the psychopath bring us closer to what we see as their evil, or their wish to destroy goodness. Psychopaths are aggressively narcissistic, and this aspect of their character pathology is often expressed behaviorally by the repetitive devaluation of others, not predominantly in fantasy, as we see in narcissistic personality disorder but in reality. Psychopaths generally do this for two reasons: first, to maintain grandiosity, or their sense of being larger than life, and second, to repair perceived insults or emotional wounds by retaliating against those they hold responsible. This repetitive devaluation of others, which may range from verbal insults to serial homicide, also serves to diminish envy, an emotion highlighted by Klein13 and recently explored by Berke.14 Envy is the wish to possess the “goodness” perceived in others. If the “good object” cannot be possessed, it must be destroyed or damaged until it is not worth having.”

We know that the psychopath lacks a consience,  they lack shame and remorse for what they do (2 books of interest Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths among Us by Robert D. Hare  and The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout) but how about empathy? Below an article and a recent study of interest;
Psychopathy, Brain Damage And Empathy (26 jan., 2011)   Here   and Dr. Simone G. Shamay-Tsoory study points to two systems of empathy;
Two systems for empathy: a double dissociation between emotional and cognitive empathy in inferior frontal gyrus versus ventromedial prefrontal lesions   Here

Anyone who has had some type of interaction with a psychopath knows its all about power and control over others.   Why you may ask if you have never had an Encounters of the Psychopathic Kind   Here   Well, I’ll let Dr. Melton sum it up, “Integrity and conscientiousness remind Controllers of their most profound character flaw. They hate being reminded of what they do not have. They hate those qualities in others because Controllers cannot possess them. That is one reason that they are attracted to integrity. But their attraction is rooted in a desire to dominate or destroy. They must manipulate, rule or emotionally and psychologically annihilate anyone whose soundness of character reminds them of their own profoundly egotistical, selfish and empty natures.   Here

“Remember, a need for absolute power over others is a core trait of the psychopath.”   Here

So what can we do to make this world a better place for us all?   One thing is to educate yourself and others about psychopathy, learn the “red flags” and use your critical thinking.   Awareness will help limit their progress.

Reading of interest;

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