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Would, with this post, draw attention to Donna Andersen’s very informative videos in regard to sociopaths/psychopaths.  Donna Andersen is the author of lovefraud.com Here

The more you know, the better you can protect yourself!

Lovefraud Lesson #1 – Introduction by Donna Andersen   Here

Lovefraud Lesson 2 – What is a sociopath?   Here

Lovefraud Lesson #3 – Charisma and charm   Here

Lovefraud Lesson #4 – Sensationalism and sociopaths   Here

Lovefraud Lesson #5: When sociopaths pretend to be your sudden soul mate   Here

Lovefraud Lesson #6: Sociopaths and sex   Here

Lovefraud Lesson #7: Sociopaths trap us into making promises   Here

Updated Aug. 28, 2012;

Lesson #8: Sociopaths and love bombing   Here

All of the above videos can also be fouund on Lovefraud Click   HERE


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